Chris took just a few days to complete the Pro Blog Tuneup for my site: which saw my sites speed increase over 250%. I had personally attempted to speed up my site but didn’t really know what I was doing and then would give up with no big changes made.

The customer service from Chris was impeccable which is massively important for me, and was reassuring throughout – it’s scary when people are playing with your baby. Once the process was completed I received an email with all of the actions that were made, before and after shots of site speed, comments on things that have been done well but most importantly a list of actions I need to take.

These actions only took a few minutes and will help my SEO in the long run, something we are all pseudo pretending to improve. And security is another massive one for me, I hear all of these stories but secretly hope it never happens to me but never take action to protect my site. Now it actually is!

Chris has come up with a wicked solution with his Blog Tuneup service, if you have a WordPress site and minimal tech know how, Chris will be a awesome help!

— Jordan Bryant,

The bottom line is that Chris decreased my website’s load time from 8.96s to 4.64s. On top of that, he provided a really in-depth report on the changes he made, and also made recommendations for future changes. Excellent service, very fast and the results are very tangible. If you need to speed up your blog, then Chris’ Blog Tune Up service is a no brainer. Thanks very much!”

— Russell Smith,

I love blogging, creating content, and connecting with my audience but I’m not really tech-savvy when it comes to things like optimizing my websites to make them load more quickly. I know this is important to reduce the bounce-rate, but it just seems so complicated. Thankfully, Chris knows all this stuff and was able to help me out. He reduced the page load time by almost half and my readers will have a better user experience because of it. Two thumbs up for Chris and his service.

— Jackie Bolen,

Chris is my new best friend. We’ve never met. However, He gave me a Blog Tune-up so that means he knows way more about me than he should. Like a true geeky ninja, he silently went behind the scenes and swept away all of my useless, space-zapping junk. Stuff I didn’t even know that I had anymore, because….guess what…..I’m not a geek! I am a school teacher, thankyouverymuch. So I was muchimpressed to receive a 9-page report on what he did and why. I printed it out pronto so I could remember and not go around changing stuff.Best of all, I visited his blog, and let me tell you, it is heaven for the non-techies of the world who still need some serious help for heaven’s sake. He hits the nail right on the head by telling you about what I would call “advanced” stuff, why it is important, and then gives you an easy little techie tool or tip so  that you can do it yourself. Now I can possibly stop feeling like everybody got an invitation to the party but me. Thank you, Chris, for all of your geekiness!

— Nancy Pierce,

I’d practically given up with optimizing my site until I decided to give Blog Tune-Up a try. A problem I’ve experienced in the past is that there’s just so many optimization plugins available for WordPress and it’s very difficult making the right choices of settings without it somehow breaking another part of the site.  Not only that but the plugins are frequently updated so if it works trouble-free today, it might fail in a few weeks. Blog Tune-Up was a great solution.  Clearly they have a deep understanding of optimizations and how to best configure each plugin.  My report was 9 solid pages of information and I loved the little touches in there that made me recognize that this tune up was unique to my site.  I now feel confident that my site is running as it was always meant to. Results are impressive too – my load time has reduced from 4.46 seconds to just 1.10 – and my homepage includes a lot of graphics.  My site’s a few years old and I thought I’d applied al the tricks I could to speed the site up already so this significant speed boost came as a huge surprise. Thanks so much for over delivering on such a necessary and valuable service.

— Martin Pavlon,

My approach is simple: 1 part of technical knowledge, 2 parts of listening and understanding.

Here’s how it works:

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